Massage At Work

Show your employees that they are valued and improve the general health of your workforce with in-office massages.

Workplace massage can help to relieve muscular tension, improve repetitive strain injuries and reduce aches and pains associated with computer use. It can also alleviate stress and give busy brains a chance to recharge.

​Amethyst Palm can offer packages to suit a range of work environments and budgets, which can be provided on a weekly, monthly or ad hoc basis.

Workplace Massage Packages

Massages can be offered at desks, on a massage chair or on a massage couch. If the massage chair or couch are preferred, a space would need to be made available for the therapist – ideally a private room or a quiet area.

Depending on the needs of your business and your workforce, Amethyst Palm can offer treatments of an agreed duration (e.g. a number of 20 minute treatment slots are available throughout the day) or staff can select a treatment from the existing treatment menu (e.g. 45 minute back, neck and shoulders massage).

Anyone receiving a treatment must ensure that they inform the therapist of any relevant medical issues before the treatment commences (the therapist will hold short consultations prior to initial treatments).

Depending on working hours the therapist may require breaks during the day.

Amethyst Palm has comprehensive Public Liability Insurance

Payment Options

1. The company pays the therapist a fixed rate to provide treatments to staff. ​The day rate can be negotiated in advance of initial booking to suit your budget and requirements.

2. Staff members pay the therapist direct for the treatment they receive. (If this option is chosen, Amethyst Palm requests that the company assist in promoting the package by making their staff aware that it is available.)

Feel free to contact Amethyst Palm to discuss your workplace’s specific needs or ask any other questions.